About Us


Sage's Sea Moss embodies a story rich in love, determination, and cultural heritage, transcending its status as a mere product. For Peter and Nikki, Sea Moss is not just a commodity but a symbol deeply ingrained in their Jamaican roots. Known as Irish Moss within the Rastafarian community, it held significance beyond its culinary use, revered for its aphrodisiac properties. While they initially understood its reputation for enhancing male libido, they later uncovered its extraordinary superfood health benefits.

Nikki's upbringing, observing her grandmother's use of natural remedies for healing, instilled in her a profound belief in the power of nature. This belief was rekindled through her involvement in a Facebook mom group, a cherished tradition rooted in Jamaican heritage. Seeking a natural remedy for postpartum recovery after having their daughter Sage in 2019, she ordered a small parcel of raw Sea Moss. However, amidst the chaos of global lockdowns, the parcel remained untouched, waiting to reveal its potential.

Their journey took an unexpected turn as the family embarked on a cross-country relocation to Louisiana from California for Peter's job opportunity off-shore. In a serendipitous alignment of fate, Peter's background & work experience from the Scientific Research Counsel of Jamaica in food processing converged laying the foundation for their Sea Moss venture. With determination and ingenuity, Peter crafted their first batch of Sea Moss gel, unknowingly setting the wheels of fate in motion.

Sharing their surplus Sea Moss gel with a friend, who experienced remarkable relief from sinus issues, ignited a spark of possibility.

While still seeking their purpose and a source of income during a time of global uncertainty, they found themselves returning to Nikki's hometown in The Bronx, New York amongst family. They shared their homemade Sea Moss gel on their social media, sparking an overwhelming response. With just 24 jars and a single post, they sold out within a few hours, signaling the beginning of something special.

Back in Lafayette, Peter forged connections with the local community by showcasing Sage's Sea Moss at the farmer's market. As society increasingly embraced natural healing and holistic wellness, Sage's Sea Moss resonated deeply.

Their move to Louisiana, initially motivated by a job opportunity, evolved into a harmonization of family values and entrepreneurial endeavor. Sage's Sea Moss has since touched countless lives across the US, spreading not only wellness but also the rich heritage and wisdom of generations past.

With each jar of Sage's Sea Moss, they honor their ancestors, nurturing bodies and souls with the gifts of the sea. It's more than just a product—it's a testament to resilience, community, and the timeless bond between humanity and nature.