About Us


Influenced by the birth of their daughter Sage and the holistic aspects of their Caribbean culture, Sage’s Sea Moss was founded. The two nature lovers Peter & Nikki continuously sought out the best natural approach to whether one of the most unprecedented times. This serendipitous reintroduction to Sea Moss has since impacted their local Lafayette, Louisiana community as well as hundreds of families across the US. Returning to their roots was a no brainer. Having been raised in a Jamaican household where natural alternatives were almost always the answer to colds, tummy aches, ear infections, wounds and even broken bones, both Peter and Nikki knew that Sea Moss was and would be one of the wisest decisions when it came to strengthening their immune systems. After deciding to share their ever growing knowledge of Sea Moss, they've since partnered with several local stores in and around Lafayette and are vendors at various Farmer's Market's in Louisiana. Their hopes for Sage's Sea Moss is that it will not only continue to improve people's health, but that it will create further conversation around the power of all medicinal plants.